Why do we have to pay VAT on medical lifesaving equipment?

Join us and make defibrillators cheaper.

Hundreds and thousands of children who belong to Clubs and Associations have to pay VAT on defibrillators!

Help us remove VAT on lifesaving defibrillators which will encourage more young people to train in the use of a defibrillator (AED) when sudden cardiac arrest occurs and understand how to provide high-quality CPR.

Cheaper AEDs (no VAT) = more AEDs in communities + more young, prepared people to assist victims when a SCA has occurred = MORE LIVES BEING SAVED...let's make it happen.

Organisations who have to pay VAT

Any organisation not exempt or zero rated which may include:

Scouts, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, Brownies, Youth Clubs, Running Clubs, Sailing Clubs, Sports Clubs, Bowling Clubs, WI, Small charities, Village Social Clubs, and more...

The list is endless, the very young and the very old are penalised in paying 20% more (VAT) when purchasing lifesaving defibrillators. Join with us and sign our petition to remove VAT and encourage more young people to be trained in the Chain of Survival.

Lifesaving emergency equipment should not have a penalty charged to it when being purchased. Millions of pounds will also be saved in preventing hospitalisation of victims who regrettably encounter long term medical problems and require care due to not having early defibrillation with the use of an AED.

Spread the word...please join and sign our petition.